Wetsuit Review: Sailfish G-Range

  • By Triathlete Europe
  • Published July 16, 2013

The G-Range is Sailfish’s top of the range suit designed by uber swimmer and company owner Jan Sibberson, who was known as ‘first out of the water’ when he raced as a pro. This suit is a wolf in sheep’s clothing because it looks pretty simple at a first glance compared to many of the tech heavy and glam looking suits doing the rounds. Don’t let that fool you, though, this is one fast suit in the water.

Sailfish has used exclusive Nano SpaceCell neoprene material for its extreme flexibility, buoyancy and drag reducing properties. Once on the suit seals well and feels like a second skin. The flexibility, especially around the shoulders, not only make this one of the most comfortable suits to swim in, but allows for an efficient stroke that doesn’t leave you fatigued.

This Nano SpaceCell neoprene features a surface that is impregnated with a miniscule layer of nano-material that reduces its drag coefficient in the water to almost nil. Inside the G-Range features an Avevia Super Dry lining which is made from a special nylon that minimises absorption and remains extremely light even when wet. This also allows the wearer to conserve energy because it moves well with the outer neoprene.

Sailfish has placed a panel of buoyant neoprene along the hips to help with body position and stability in the water to stop excess drag caused by over rolling. This in turn helps contribute to a longer more efficient stroke. Sailfish have also changed the forearms with their V-Power catch panels which are designed to be hydrodynamic while entering the water as well as helping with a strong catch. When it comes to removal the G-Range couldn’t be easier to get out off making for quick transitions.

This wetsuit has all the ingredients that a top end suit should have without any unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s not cheap but if you want one of the fastest and most comfortable suits out there, the outlay is more than justified.
Performance: 9
Value: 8
RRP: £595

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