Orca Unveil 2013 Speedsuit Range

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  • Published February 28, 2013

Nineteen years after the first Orca speedsuit was released, Orca remains at the forefront of research, innovation and development in triathlon technology.

Combining expertise with pure passion for triathlon, Orca continues to be a world leader in the sport. Part of the triathlon lifestyle, Orca meets the needs of beginner through to the experienced athlete.

This year’s collection is undoubtedly Orca’s best ever. Engineered using the latest in material and construction science, and benefiting from the input of leading triathletes, including double Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack and Olympiad Courtney Atkinson, Orca have redefined what is possible.

The 2013 range combines exclusive technologies with Orca’s advanced product knowledge, allowing the athlete to go faster for longer, in unrivalled comfort.

3.8 Enduro
Featuring premium new materials, the Orca 3.8 Enduro raises the bar in speedsuit buoyancy.

A strategic combination of the Exo-Cell System and Aerodome2 lifts your torso and legs higher in the water, manoeuvring you into the optimum swim position, achieving equilibrium and reducing drag. The result is an enhanced swim performance for beginners through to endurance athletes.

Flexibility is key in this suit, from the InfinitySkn flexible lining in the shoulders and arms through to the 44 Cell Yamamoto neoprene panels on the upper body.

1.5 Alpha
Reengineered in consultation with the world’s best triathletes, the Orca 1.5 Alpha offers an unparalleled wetsuit swim.

The Freestroke 3 System of Nano-ICE SCS-coated, 1.5-2mm, 44 Cell Yamamoto panels on the arms, shoulders and chest and 40 Cell Yamamoto on the back are retained, but are ergonomically re-crafted to provide unrestricted range of motion. The addition of new InfinitySKN lining matted to the Freestroke 3 System throughout the panels allows dynamic movement.

Seam reduction provides larger areas of neoprene, increasing flexibility. A comfortable low profile neck seal, designed to sit flat against the neck, limits water entry and reducing the incidence of chafing. The moulded silicone Aquatread forearm panel has been enhanced to provide increased stroke power in the catch phase, whilst remaining easy to remove during transition.

Designed with the highest quality materials, the 1.5 Alpha is the ideal wetsuit for those looking for a swim advantage without compromise.

Orca’s most popular wetsuit just got better. Striking the balance between performance and value for money, the Sonar has led the mid-range wetsuit market for the last five years.

Featuring Aerodome neoprene – 4mm panels that contain hundreds of air cavities – the Sonar offers over 30% more buoyancy than suits including standard equivalent neoprene.

With panels positioned in the calf, small of the back and core (Core Stability Panel), as well as the 4mm Hydrolift Body Panel, the torso and core are shifted into the optimum swim position, lessening drag and increasing stability in the water.

Modifications in the construction of the DeltaStretch Shoulder Panel, HyperStretch Underarm and chest areas enhance flexibility, while the Multistretch inner lining provides excellent range of movement.

Offering the latest in performance technology, the Sonar is the perfect suit for open water swimmers to triathletes looking to a step up from an entry level wetsuit.

The Orca Equip is for those transitioning from the pool to the open water, or unfamiliar with swimming in a wetsuit. The Equip is designed for flexibility, performance and comfort, using 2 to 5mm panels of premium quality SCS-coated Yamamoto 39 Cell neoprene throughout the full front of the wetsuit. The lightweight panels are shaped to ensure a range of motion normally associated with intermediate and top level wetsuits.

Three to 5mm panels of Smoothskin neoprene are used through the back for buoyancy, while Speed Transition panels make the wetsuit easy to get on and off.

The Equip also features the Hydrostroke Forearm Panel – a distinctive silicone print, which catches the water through the pull phase of the stroke, increasing power.

Orca’s generation S-series speedsuit, the Orca S4 has been completely re-designed with performance grade materials, setting a new benchmark for entry level open water swimming wetsuits.

Building on the popularity of the Orca S3, the S4 offers full neoprene coverage, including premium SCS coated 3 to 4mm Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene across the full front of the wetsuit for hydrodynamics, flexibility, buoyancy and durability. The underarm and shoulder panels use a 2mm Yamamoto 39 cell SCS coated neoprene for increased range of motion and comfort.

The back of the S4 is constructed from 3mm Smoothskin neoprene, providing high levels of buoyancy and thermal protection. The silicone-print Hydrostroke Forearm catch panels aid increased power through the stroke, while Speed Transition panels on the calves make removing the wetsuit much easier.

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