Campagnolo Presents 80th Anniversary Collection

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  • Published February 25, 2013

80 exciting years in the saddle. 80 years of dedication to timeless innovation. 80 years of never accepting the norm. 80 years of doing whatever it takes to consistently raise the bar. In this 80th stage of the long and exciting stage race that is cycling, we at Campagnolo are pleased to celebrate our history thus far. We also turn our eyes toward the future where we hope to continue our quest to make significant impacts on the cycling world through the continuous innovation of our timeless products.

To celebrate 80 years of cycling history Campagnolo has revisited some of its most emblematic products and created a functional representation of what the brand was, is and will continue to be in the future. Campagnolo has reinterpreted perhaps its greatest contribution to cycling, the me- chanical transmission. Through years of continuous innovation and numerous evolutions the Campagnolo groupset has accompanied many of the most important athletes in cycling history to prestigious victories. Campagnolo has also made fast bikes faster and feared athletes more fearsome through producing some of the highest performance wheels and hubs ever ridden. To celebrate the contributions of Campagnolo to the cycling world thus far and those to come in the future the iconic Italian company has taken the highest evolution of both the mechanical groupset and wheels and added revolutionary and cutting-edge treatments to create the unique look of the 80th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION.

Keeping in line with the Campagnolo® tradition of continuous innovation and unrivaled elegance, the components that make up the 80th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION stand out thanks to their unique and technologically advanced finishing. The engineers in the Campy Tech LabTM spent a great deal of energy developing new treatments to allow the final design of the collection to be elegant enough to represent the prestige of Campagnolo’s history yet durable enough to stand the test of time despite the rigors of competition. New finishing techniques such as humid-state microsanding on carbon fiber parts, new opaque finishing procedures on aluminum parts and new treatments for often overlooked technical pieces combine to offer not only a sleek and elegant look but also one that resists the test of time and use. Even the celebratory logo is itself a product of countless hours of research and testing to ensure that it resists even the harshest and most aggressive cleaning agents.

Sleek, understated and elegant in its design while precise, lightweight and performance-oriented this beautiful anniversary collection is sure to be the envy of not only life-long Campagnolo enthusiasts but also a broader spectrum of cyclists who appreciate the best quality with regards to performance but also in terms of design. However, those wishing to own a functional piece of Campagnolo history and tradition must act quickly as the components of the ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION will be produced in a limited run.

The Campagnolo mechanical groupset has come to symbolize quality, precision and performance in both the professional peloton as well as the amateur circuit for years on end. Starting with the Gran Sport derailleur and evolving through the years to the Super RecordTM group Campagnolo transmissions have come to symbolize the pinnacle of in- novation in cycling componentry.

The 80th ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION group continues to command the same respect due to its extreme lightweight construction (1862 grams), incorporation of sophisticated materials, unrivaled ergonomics and most importantly precision shifting that meets the demands of the most demanding pro-tour athlete. Its introduction as the first 9, 10 and 11-speed drivetrains makes it all the more representative as Campagnolo yet again moves the bar forward in setting standards for cycling componentry. The latest milestone in mechanical shifting with the latest in finishing detail.

The Campagnolo Wheelset
The Campagnolo® wheel represents a milestone in modern racing wheels as it has carried professional athletes to countless victories in the most important races of international cycling. Requested by pro-tour athletes, the Campagnolo line of wheels has become synonymous with victory at the pinnacle of sport. They offer the maximum in aerodynamic performance, extreme lightness, and surprising reactivity all combined with incredible smoothness. Campagnolo wheels provide characteristics that every cyclist wants. The secret of these legendary wheels lie in the details that make them truly unique and unrivalled and their innumerable victories are their best testimony.

Weighing it at a mere 1310 grams, this wheel is lighter than most of its lower profile counterparts, giving it the acceleration and aerodynamics that even the most demanding professional rider appreciates. Light enough for the toughest climbs, aerodynamic enough for the flats and descents and rigid enough for world class sprinters. Cup and cone construction with Campagnolo’s CULTTM bear- ings that are 9 times smoother than traditional bearings ensure that friction is reduced and power transfer is maximized. G3TM spoke pattern, RDBTM Rim Dynamic Balance, over- size flanges and a myriad of other propri- etary technologies come together to form the most efficient and high performance wheel capable of standing up to the rigors of professional cycling.

The range of alu/carbon wheels was created to be a benchmark in its category for being lightweight, aerodynamic, high performance, practical and responsive yet available to a wider audience. The aluminum/carbon construction brings high profile aerodynamic performance within the reach of all cyclists. Incredibly stiff and reactive thanks to its extremely high-strength carbon fiber 50mm rim, G3TM spoke pattern and DRSCTM (Directional Rim- Spoke Coupling) this wheel guarantees the best in power transfer. Meticulously studied aerodynamic profile in addition to CULTTM bearings that are 9 times smoother than traditional materials ensure these wheels to be highly efficient as less power is lost due to friction or wind drag. In other words, many of the same high-performance features found on the full-carbon top-end version with the sure- footedness of an aluminum braking surface.

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