Fred Willis: Week 7 of the Challenge Roth Campaign – Valentines and Work

  • By Fred Willis
  • Published February 23, 2013

This time of year is very busy with shows, long days and driving to client meetings. I know I could try harder and my plan was always to concentrate on running when away from home but I’m using this opportunity to rest my calf and get it to usable state and it seems to be much better.

Wrong Shoes sir – you’re not coming in…….

One thing I’ve been very keen to keeping in my regime is Turbo sessions with the club on a Wednesday night. They are structured interval session and we have been focusing on increasing VO2 max with 1 minute flat out sessions increasing every week. This week we were due to do 14, each with a one minute break. I arrived, started to set up and realised I’d forgotten my cycling shoes. It had been a hectic day having arrived back in the office after the trade show so there was a lot of catching up to do. Rush home for my baby daughter’s bath and bedtime, get ready and dash out the door.

What a clampet!

Progress through no training……

Thursday was valentine’s day so that ruled out a run. My wife has been very understanding so the very least I can do is postpone a session but I did swap it for Friday which is usually my rest day.

I’m am desperate to get out running again so on Friday night I went out with a friend for a very slow and steady run. I got 5 miles in averaging 9’40 per mile but that is good. I’m delighted with that and it looks like I’m on the road to recovery. I’ve never really experienced it before but being injured is so frustrating.

Off to the show….

I could only manage a swim on Saturday morning where we are increasing our distances but controlling the pace. It was a beautiful day but I had to go to Birmingham NEC for another fashion show to flog my Dude Shoes (most comfortable lightweight shoes, perfect for your recovery post distance run!) The previous Sat I was cycling around the New Forest in the snow and this weekend it was sunny and 12 degrees. I was gutted to say the least.

My plan has always to go running when I was away from home. The awful Travelodge that we were staying in seemed to be host to 100 mid 20’s revellers from Star City, a night club venue 5 miles up the road. Shouting, shagging and slamming doors all night but after a decent run on Friday I was determined to get going again. I donned my trainers and went out at 6.30 on Sunday morning around Fort Dunlop. There was no one in sight, it was Baltic but I did it. Slow and steady towards the prize

Next week I’m back into my normal routine, the leg seems to be good at a slow & steady pace so I’m going to start ramping up to Roth!!!

Progress 82Kgs and 17.5% body fat. That’s shows for you!

20 weeks to go…

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