Gear Review: Gore Xenon XO Windstopper Soft Shell Gloves

  • By Triathlete Europe
  • Published February 19, 2013

Keeping your digits warm when pedalling through the colder months makes all the difference and Gore’s Xenon XO gloves do a top job. The Xenon XOs are super warm yet are lighter and less bulky than many of the winter gloves available. This not only offers more ‘feel’ on the bars but provides greater control when it comes to braking and shifting. The body of the glove is made from toasty warm Windstopper Soft Shell material with inner forehand foam padding. There are also gel pads on the heel to remove any road vibration and combat issues with numb hands. Elasticated wrists and large collars, which fit easily over jacket sleeves, seal out any drafts.

Gore has added silicone patches on the fingers to avoid any slipping on brake or gear levers, and there’s a silicone patch on the collar to make fitting easier. It’s good to see Gore has added a large absorbent section on the back of the thumb to take care of wiping duties. We were also impressed with the extra strengthening material between the thumb and forefinger, so they’ll last more than one winter of riding. The Xenon XO are a quality pair of gloves and do a top job of keeping your hands warm and comfy, but being a high end product you pay a premium for this.

Performance: 9
Value: 7
RRP: £49.99

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