Fred Willis Blog: Cold, Snow and Work Dude – 41 ¾’s

  • By Fred Willis
  • Published February 16, 2013

This past week has been a non event. I realised it was going to be a difficult couple of weeks as I enter Show Time with work. In February we enter our Pre Sell period where we show our Autumn Winter range of Dude Shoes to collect the retailers orders. Even if everything was going well it would be tough to fit in the training.

Everything is going swimmingly

All that really happened was swimming. I stuck to my normal swim routine but mid week I came down with the dreaded cold. I could have gone to the club turbo session but having discussed it with a friend he told me to can it. I wouldn’t have given it 100% and all I’d do is prolong the cold. I’d probably have felt worse the following day.

Unfortunately it also coincided with the family being away. If I wasn’t training I’d at least be able to make up some time with Katy and Tilda, but alas I was home catching up on Revolution cycling and the Tour of Oman instead.

I gathered up my guilt and took myself swimming on Sat but I could only fit in a 45 mile ride afterwards. I was working on that weekend so I had to belt up the M3 to London Olympia to dress my exhibition stand ready for the opening of the show that Sunday. The Ride was horrendous. It wasn’t that knackering but it was just so cold, 3 degrees centigrade and raining. Later on at about 25 miles, as we got into higher ground, that rain turned to snow. It got bitterly cold and I lost all sensation in hands and even with overshoes my feet went numb. The self preservation society kicked in and I had to get home as quickly as possible.


When it’s that cold the last thing you need is a mechanical. I was dreading getting a puncture because changing a tube would have been next to impossible. Fortunately that didn’t happen by I do have a gear changing problem. I’ve replaced all my cables and had it all fine tuned but my front mech still won’t get over to the outer ring unless I’m in a mid to high gearing on the rear cassette. Apparently the chain is just so stretched. I’ve ordered a new chain and a new sprocket so I hope this gets sorted pronto. However, on a cold day with numb fingers it was a pain in the proverbial.

Weight loss miracle

I thought that weight loss came with calories burnt during exercise but last week was a rest week, I did two hours swimming and 3 hours of cycling. I dressed an exhibition stand with a new range of Dude shoes, I stood around chatting to customers for three days and I’ve dropped nearly  2kgs and 1% in body fat. What’s that all about?

I’m off to the NEC next for the next show. Another week of little training but its resting my trouble calf which is feeling much better and I hope I’ll be back to the running and a good build block starting next week.

Good luck to everyone else training for long distance!!! I feel your pain….

Progress 80Kgs and 16.5% body fat.

22 weeks to go…

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