Fred Willis Blog: Snapped Out Of Shape – 41 ¾’s

  • By Fred Willis
  • Published February 9, 2013
  • Updated February 9, 2013 at 1:09 pm

Last week was frustrating with a slight tear to my left calf. This week a bit of rest, some ice and the foam roller seemed to be working.

Swimming is going well. We continue to progress on pacing and doing sets at 20%. For me that is 1’56 per 100m. I’m not huffing and puffing but can I sustain such a pace once I get into the open water. I’m hoping that I can get my Olympic Swim time over 1500 m down from 27 minutes to 25 minutes. I think this is very achievable.

My physiotherapist, Pete Bloomer from Lilliput Health, was pleased with my progress and suggested that I try a gentle mile after Turbo. If that goes well then a soft run of 3 miles on the flat and then at the weekend, instead of my planned 14 miles just do a relaxed 6 miler (10K).

It all went well. At the start of my transition run from turbo I felt the niggle in my calf but after a mile running 10’30 ‘s it felt great. I was so pleased. The following evening I progressed to a 3 miler and it was great. All was going well. The problem came on Friday night. I’m too keen so I decided to do a 5 miler with the hope that if it was good I could do some good distance on Sunday. The roads around my house aren’t’ flat and although I backed off on the hills, the three nights of back to back running were too much and my calf went pop at 2.6 miles. I was absolutely gutted and its set me back another week.

Still reeling after my stupidity on Friday night I hobbled into swim training and got 2,000 metres in. Again building strength and pace. My only problem with swimming is kicking. Ankles aren’t loose and I just don’t seem to move. Kicking on my back is ok but slow but kicking on my front is impossible. I’m finding that my kick gives me no forward propulsion but merely helps to keep my legs closer to the surface. Still more work to do and it’s something I really need to focus on. That said, I might go for the easy triathlete approach and rely on the flotation given by my wetsuit.

After a coffee and a cake we were off on the Zoom Club ride. I’d decided to go out with the so called pros for a 60 miler around the New Forest. It was a lovely day, bright but cold and very windy. There are some very exposed areas over the New Forest so being buffeted a lot. I’m a very impatient person and tend to go flat out. This means blowing up and it’s so important when doing distance to “ride within yourself”. I’m desperately trying not to bust myself to keep on someone’s wheel who is better than me. Keep in the zone and they will always loop back. Its working and over 62 miles I averaged just under 18 mph, 50% in Z3 tempo and 13% in Z4 threshold.

The next couple of weeks are very busy with work. I had planned to get some runs in but it might force me to rest and sort this calf out.
Progress 81Kgs and 17.1% body fat.
23 weeks to go…

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