Tamsin Lewis: Immune Health & Training

  • By Dr. Tamsin Lewis
  • Published January 22, 2013

Practical Tips :
- Take anti-bacterial wipes with you on journeys. Wipe hand-rests. Avoid touching public toilet doors (use tissue).
- strong>Vaseline in nostrils may prevent bugs taking hold (I use it on flights as air very dry and lots of people).
- Barrier sprays – Vicks First Defence help some.
- Salt water nose rinse (if feel sniffles coming on)
- strong>Sauna’s/Steam rooms raise body temperature and may help fight off illness. But keep hydrated.
- Don’t avoid over-the counter meds, but be sensible. No point suffering from a headache and sinus congestion if it can be helped.
- Your mum was right – wrap up warm especially head and neck.
- strong>My favorite home remedy for a cold (which is tried and tested!) is a clove of raw garlic in a piece of ham or cheese with a few sips of a good red wine.

(the wine helps to release the immune boosting chemicals in the garlic). Best shared with your partner otherwise there may be some complaints!

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