Shoe Review: New Balance RC5000

  • By Triathlete Europe
  • Published January 15, 2013

At just 90 grammes the New Balance RC5000s feel stupidly light yet still resemble a real shoe, unlike some of the uber lightweights in the past that felt like a sole, laces and a paperesque upper.

What’s neat on the RC5000s is the upper is made from two thin materials that are fused together to form a flexible exo-skeleton. Unlike many featherweight shoes this holds and supports the foot surprisingly well while keeping weight to a minimum. We also like the fact these shoes offer plenty of space in the toe box to allow the toes to spread more naturally. The uppers sit on a thin mid and outsole that feature a 1 6mm heel and 1 1 mm forefoot making a stack height of just 5mm. The high-density foam midsole provides light cushioning and a truly responsive ride, especially with the large flex groove in the forefoot of the sole. The outsole offers plenty of traction on the road and only time will tell how durable they are, but they’ve held up well so far.

New Balance designed the RC5000 shoes with fast racing on the track and road in mind for distances up to 1 0,000 metres. While we have run longer in them without issue, we agree they’re best kept for race day over shorter triathlon and run distances because they’re so light. These speedy feeling shoes work equally well with or without socks. Our biggest gripe is the price.

Performance: 8
Value: 7
RRP: £89.99

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