Straight-Talking: The Best Quotes Of Brett Sutton

  • By Triathlete Europe
  • Published January 10, 2013

Brett Sutton is famous for his no-nonsense approach to triathlon and Ironman. But how ‘no-nonsense’ is the Aussie? Well, we thought we’d share a few of Brett’s more famous Suttonisms:

“Most triathlon coaches do it because they can’t make a living as a pro, so they need 10 age groupers to pay for them to travel around the world and drink coffee.”

“In other squads you’ll have 10 in the group and eight of them are mediocre, because what works well for the marquee girl doesn’t work for the others, but the coach has everybody do what she’s doing.”

“If you just do aerobic training you’re going to get punished. Luke Bell is a great example. The idiots got hold of him and said mate, you don’t do enough volume. And he got slower and slower, and now he’s a pedestrian athlete, and he could have been a superstar.”

“I’m the boss. I train them like animals because I’m an animal coach. Shut the fuck up and just do the training.”

“Chrissie was a beautiful thing because she had never been a triathlete, she didn’t know any triathletes, she didn’t hang out with triathletes, so when I put the times up and painted the picture, and said this is the training, she had nobody to tell.”

“Dave Scott for me is the best triathlete that ever lived in Ironman, because what he did with what he had was fantastic. Mark Allen was the talent and Dave Scott had nothing, but he made himself into a talented athlete.”

“In America it’s all about the fluff. They don’t race enough. It’s nice to try and win Hawaii, but I’m trying to get my athletes to the point where they can afford to buy houses.”

“I’m disgusted with the way the sport is run. These people should be getting paid superstar money, and they aren’t because people are under the false pretense that the sport is boring. There are a lot of boring sports where people earn lots of money.”

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