Gear Check: Koobi Tri Saddle

  • By Triathlete Europe
  • Published December 31, 2012

Koobi are a small US brand based in Colorado who have been making saddles for years now and know a thing or two about comfort. They will post directly to the UK for $9.95 and will honour their guarantee and 45-day return policy. While we understand saddles are an extremely personal piece of equipment, Koobi have looked at all the important details.

It features a split main shell that’s fairly wide and flat, which means it’s easy to sit directly on top of when in the aero position without discomfort. Being split means it also relieves pressure on the groin area, which does away with any issues of numbness like with some regular shaped saddles that just go for a wide padded nose. The nose on the Koobi is wide and padded enough to be comfy, but without being overly wide that it causes friction or rubbing on your inner thighs when pedalling. We also like the way the nose points down so you never get caught on the snout when mounting or getting out of the saddle. On top of the main shell is a thin layer of medium gel padding that helps to take out any road sting.

We like this because it is fairly firm, but Koobi do offer a more padded version. The rear of the saddle is 155mm wide providing plenty of room when you do have to sit up and back when climbing. The main body of the saddle sits on top of hollow titanium alloy rails which brings the Koobi Tri in at a respectable 259 grammes.

Performance: 8
Value: 8
RRP: £124

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