Gear Check: Compressport Triathlon Shirt & Shorts

  • By Triathlete Europe
  • Published December 19, 2012

Compressport Triathlon Shirt
Compressport have gone down the T-shirt route for their new triathlon top rather than usual singlet style. While the idea is not completely new, it is one that is useful in terms of coverage and protection from the sun. The top looks small out of the box, but fits the body like a second skin without being overly tight like some compression tops. Here the compression is woven into the fabric and is said to help with body alignment too but that was hard to quantify, however, it did make for a good fit and allow for freedom of movement. There are two angled pockets on the rear which are narrower than most to hold gels without the risk of them falling out or annoyingly bouncing around. The trade-off is there isn’t much room if you want to carry more than a couple of gels.
Performance: 9
Value: 8
RRP: £65

Compressport Triathlon Shorts
The matching lightweight shorts offer light compression to encourage blood flow and oxygenation while helping with muscle vibration. They’re tight to fit into, but once on they feel comfortable. They’re made up of soft fabric panels that dry quickly with flat seams to avoid chafing and feature a thin internal pad. This pad offers plenty of protection when riding yet isn’t noticeable when running or swimming. It does a good job of removing any ride sting regardless of time in the saddle. One unique feature is the mesh ventilation window on the front of the shorts. This helps with airflow and thermoregulation but fortunately doesn’t leave you over-exposed. Compressport have also added a small pocket here that can take a gel if necessary, but isn’t the most comfortable place to carry one. Another unique feature is the silicon dots used in the seating area to help avoid saddle slip.
Performance: 8
Value: 7
RRP: £85

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