Gear Review: Brooks Pure Connect Shoes

  • By Triathlete Europe
  • Published December 13, 2012

As the name suggests these shoes are designed to make you feel connected to the road, but they’re not overly minimal or a racing flat making them more forgiving. There are no sharp edges and the rounded soles help the feet to naturally roll on to the balls of the foot regardless of whether you land on your heel, mid or forefoot.

Brooks have designed this shoe to encourage an aligned foot strike and have achieved this by reducing the material in the heel to encourage a smoother more natural landing. The Pure Connect still offers plenty of cushioning throughout the midsole to take out any road sting. This shoe offers plenty of flex in the forefoot allowing for a smooth and fast transition from the ball of the foot to the toe off making for a responsive ride. This is achieved with a lateral split along the sole in line with the inside of the big toe. With plenty of flex in the forefoot this helps to activate your big toe to align the toe-off part of the run gait. The upper feature Brooks’ Nav Band which runs across the upper to help provide support to the foot as you hit the ground thus keep everything in line. The open-air mesh material allows for maximum breathability yet still holds the foot well. This combined with the inside arch that sits into the foot means the upper and insole hug the foot for a slipper-like fit. The differential between the heel and forefoot is only 4mm and helps to promote a more natural gait and midfoot strike.

This shoe is designed to help with a more efficient strike but not at expense of cushioning. This makes it a forgiving performance shoe that will have a broader range of appeal than many of the minimalist shoes designed to help with efficiency. Most will be able to use this for training and racing without issue.

Performance: 8
Value: 8
RRP: £90

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