Compensation: The Art Of Swimming Faster

  • By Dan Bullock
  • Published October 31, 2012

Leg Drills
If we divide the body up into the key regions we can look at some of the drills or restrictions that will help each. Working on the legs can be tough since they tend to hang behind us and it is not easy to know what they are doing back there. Don’t be afraid to try some one legged kick. This eliminates the alternating effect and you can work on better accuracy with just the one leg. The small pendulum movement at the hip delivering a just slightly bigger movement at the foot can be perfected.

Single leg drill: Try this with a float outstretched in front at first before trying it within your full stroke. Accentuate this by adding a single fin. The all-important whip of the leg during the downbeat is easier to feel in this instance. The glutes working a straight leg upsweep also feels like it is making more sense. A second kick position to look out would involve front crawl with both fins on. The arms can be made to work harder by pointing the toe to the bottom of the pool and forcing the additional surface area of the fins to now work against you.

Fin drill: Swim six strokes with the fins up and six strokes with the fins down. The preferred effect in this case is that once the legs elevate into the correct kick position you can really feel the surge forwards and the tremendous benefit they can deliver to your stroke.

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