Quick Swim Tips: Are You Crossing The Center Line?

  • By Sara McLarty
  • Published October 30, 2012

Crossing the centerline is a common problem that’s difficult to notice while swimming with a proper head position. Here’s how to check your stroke:

- Tarzan Drill. Swim one lap with your head out of the water and watch the entry position of your hands.
- Use a snorkel. Keep your face underwater but tilt your head slightly up to watch what happens after your arms enter the water.
- Mirror or shadow. Watch your reflection on the bottom of the pool.
- Film a friend. Bring a camera to the pool and ask a friend to film from the pool deck. Swim toward them as they film. Review your clip, make adjustments and film again for confirmation.
- Stick or board drills. Catch-up drill using a 12-inch wooden dowel or a kickboard turned sideways will prevent crossing over. Make sure to keep your hands at the outside edges of the stick orboardwhenyoualternate.

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