Gear Check: Zipp Alumina Bars, Clips & Extensions

  • By Triathlete Europe
  • Published September 5, 2012

When designing the Alumina Zipp spoke to bike fitters so see what would help the most and found adjustability was key with so many different designs of triathlon bike. Zipp listened because their affordable aluminium Alumina bars deliver choice and adjustability by the truckload.

The 6061 aluminium base bar has no drop, which is ideal for triathletes, and at 42cm wide they cover a wide range of sizes. In reality the width of the base bars is less crucial than the adjustability of the extensions. The 31.8mm stem clamp base bars tipped our scales at 210 grammes (40 grammes less than Zipp’s claim) and are aero shaped on the top with round hand grips. These are angled at five degrees for a natural fit when climbing or sprinting. The nice thing with this bar is there’s plenty of room to mount the arm rests so they’ll work with all body types and preferred positions.

We paired the Alumina base bars with Zipp’s above the bar Alumina Clip arm rests. An under bar version is also available. These are made from 2021 aluminium with an industry standard 22.2mm clamp diameter for the extensions and the bar clamp is 31.8mm in line with the base bars. What’s good here is the amount of adjustment in the arm rests with four sets of holes. Each pair features one larger hole that allows for further angle adjustment.

The above bar set up we tested tipped the scales at 310 grammes. Pads can be set between 0-90mm wide on the bars to suit a wide range of shoulder widths. What’s neat here is just how comfortable the nylon reinforced arm cups are. There’s plenty of room for your arms to sit into the big cups and they flex just enough to help take out some of the road sting. Zipp have used Torx T25 bolts instead of Allen key bolts on the Clips. This will mean you need to buy a new tool but they do offer a longer life with less bolt head stripping.

Our cockpit set up was finished with Zipp’s Vuka Alumina 185 gramme ski bend extensions. These were comfy for long and short races but if you prefer a regular turned up extension Zipp offer their Race extensions that are 1 0 grammes lighter. Zipp also offer aluminium riser extension kits if you need to raise the arm pads higher (£1 7.99).

Zipp have used all their skill of working with carbon fibre and transferred this to an affordable aluminium set up with more adjustability than most. This set up comes in under £190 and weighs just over 700 grammes. Naturally you can use any of the above individually with other systems because they’re all industry standard sizes. Plus this set up allows you to upgrade to lighter carbon parts in you’d like to shed some weight. The complete Alumina set up makes for a worthy contender when it comes to cockpit set up because it not only offers great value and adjustability, but screams Zipp’s quality and style.
Performance: 9
Value: 10
RRP Zipp Vuka Alumina Bars: £59.99
RRP Vuka Alumina Clip: £89.99
RRP Vuka Alumina Extensions: £39.99

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