Aston Martin Launch £25k One-77 Road Bike

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  • Published July 2, 2012

Precision engineering, the latest technologies and materials applied to one of mankind’s most elegant and enduring inventions: the bicycle.

Made in England and limited to just 77 pieces worldwide, the One-77 Cycle is dynamic in design and intelligent in functionality: the ultimate expression of form and function.

Crafted from the highest-grade carbon fibre and featuring a fully integrated motorsport-derived data-logging system, the One-77 Cycle is one of the most technically capable cycles you’ll ever ride.

Like the One-77 super car, the One-77 Cycle is focused on performance.
The integrated race proven Shimano Di2 shift system and unique twin vein frame design ensures the ultimate efficiency in the transference of power from rider to machine. Sensors embedded into the rear wheel and crank communicate to the onboard computer, enabling the One-77 Cycle to track the rider’s progress constantly, and crucially, without losing cadence; delivering the ultimate cycling experience.

The One-77 Cycle’s integral, back lit, high-contrast touch screen display, embedded into the unique carbon fibre handlebars, delivers over 100 channels of data and is capable of storing 256MB of information; allowing for multiple days of riding between downloads using a high-speed USB connection. Direct sensor measurements such as speed, ambient temperature, cadence, and calculated sensor inputs such as rate of climb and rider power – both useful and wasted – can be stored.

The bespoke leather trimmed and stitched carbon fibre handlebars have been designed to echo the form of the One-77 super car and provide accommodation for the hydraulic brake cylinder and ultra-bright LED headlights.

Every element has been designed from the ground up, without compromise.
This philosophy extends to the carbon fibre wheels; designed to accommodate the hydraulically actuated disc brakes, a unique feature on a road bicycle, allowing it to perform flawlessly in a wide range of conditions.

The One-77 Cycle is available in seven stunning colour combinations, inspired by the lacquers and leathers offered across the One-77 supercar range. The One-77 Cycle’s paint scheme can also be customized to owner’s preference. Priced at £25,000.

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