Gear Review: Cyclops Powertap G3 Envy Wheels

  • By Triathlete Europe
  • Published June 8, 2012

Cyclops now offer their new Powertap G3 power meter hubs as part of a complete handbuilt wheel package and have teamed up with Enve to provide the carbon rims. We tested their 65mm carbon clincher wheelset and found they offer the perfect balance between good handling and a fast aerodynamic wheel. Cyclops also offer a tubular version and a 45mm deep rim too for those who want something shallower.

We found the 65mm Enve rims ideal for racing and will work for most courses in most conditions. Even on windy days we found they tracked well and never got over squirrelly. Those less confident or lighter riders might want to go with a 45mm up front. We were impressed with quality of these rims and typical of what we have come to expect from Enve. The rims are stiff and this transfers into a fast ride, but the ride feel remains forgiving on all but the roughest of roads, so you’re not left fatigued come run time.

These rims are laced using quality DT Swiss Aerolite spokes with 20 up front and 24 on the rear. This provides a good balance of keeping weight down while not losing any of the lateral stiffness, which can be an issue when fewer spokes are used.

At the heart of these wheels lies the new G3 hub that is smaller in diameter and lighter than previous incarnations. The ANT+ works well with Cyclops’ Joule or can be used with third party head units. During our testing we were suitably impressed by the new hub and had no issues of dropout or losing the power reading.

The combination of the G3 and the Enve rims makes for a versatile wheel package at a good price, especially when you consider it’s a set of wheels and a power meter in one. At 1 ,625 grammes the wheelset competes with all the big brands when it comes to weight with a G3 hub, yet this package costs around the same as many without the G3 hub, making them great value. Not only are these competitively priced, but used properly these wheels will not only save you time because of the aerodynamics, they will make you faster because of better training and smarter racing based on the power figures. It’s good to see brake blocks and skewers come in the box too.

Performance: 9
Value: 9
RRP: £2400

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