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  • Swimming behind another athlete can save upward of 30 percent energy expenditure. That is, if you’re doing it properly. Swim Drafting: Getting It Right
    If you do it properly, swimming behind another athlete can save upward of 30 percent energy expenditure on race day… Truth: You are
  • Cyclist The Benefits of Bike Racing
    Want to completely overhaul your cycling? Then bike racing may be the ticket. Partly in homage to the Tour de France, partly because
  • Photo: One-Hour Workout: Time-Based Swim Set
    Every Wednesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!). Take a mental break from counting

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  • Challenge Henley-on-Thames How To Choose The ‘Right’ Race
    It’s advantageous for all triathletes to choose events that are best suited to their strengths, but it’s particularly important for
  • TOWER 26:Be Race ready Podcast
    Episode #7: TECHNIQUE- What you NEED to know(Part 4) OVERSUBSCRIBED SWIM TEACHINGS- Early Vertical Forearm and Distance Per Stroke On this
  • Schedule some downtime during your training—it will make you faster. Photo: Adding Downtime To Your Training Plan
    Are you taking your time away from training seriously enough? Seasonality and cyclicality are engrained in our bodies, from the annual