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  • Chris Lieto Triathlon Training: Go All In
    A few weeks ago I was invited to give a speech to a company on what it meant to be all in. The company itself was at an interesting point
  • Body position is at the heart of fast downhill running Q&A: Training & Racing With A High Heart Rate
    Question: I have a high heart rate (160-170) when I work out, regardless of perceived effort. Will this limit me in longer distances?
  • ©Delly Carr / Sportshoot The Truth About Lactic Acid
    We all remember the gym coach who roared about how you weren’t working until you felt that lactic acid burn. The phrase “lactic acid”

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  • Tri Bike Check: Cervelo P3 Dura-Ace Tri Bike Check: Cervelo P3 Dura-Ace
    All triathlon bikes are not made equal. What’s more, price or technological advancements do not always mean you are getting the best
  • Shoe Review: Zoot Ultra Kiawe 2.0 Shoe Review: Zoot Ultra Kiawe 2.0
    The Kiawe 2.0 are lightweight triathlon-specific race shoes that were developed in conjunction with ITU world champion Javier Gomez and
  • Tri Bike Check: Orbea Ordu M30 Tri Bike Check: Orbea Ordu M30
    The most technologically advanced bike isn’t necessarily the best. Each individual rider dictates what he or she finds valuable in a

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  • Is Caffeine Dehydrating? Is Caffeine Dehydrating?
    In North America, about 90 percent of adults regularly consume caffeine, mainly in liquid form, whether from cola, tea, coffee, or other
  • Train And Race With Whole Foods Train And Race With Whole Foods
    Many runners and triathletes generally avoid the junk — no processed foods, no simple sugars, just good whole foods — in their daily
  • Get back to basics with your race weight How To Increase Lean Body Mass
    Lean body mass is a critical component in determining overall fitness. Although exercise represents the cornerstone for increasing lean

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  • Screw Your Weaknesses! Screw Your Weaknesses!
    Unless you’re Ryan Gosling from the movie “Drive,” you probably have a weakness or two. I’ll tell you that I am no Ryan Gosling. I
  • Andrew Messick Interview: Andrew Messick On Kona, Doping & Expansion
    Ironman CEO Andrew Messick announces a separate age-group start for men and women at this year’s Ironman World Championship, fewer North
  • 20 Questions: Annabel Luxford 20 Questions: Annabel Luxford
    Australia’s Annabel Luxford competed in her first triathlon at nine years old and went on to race at state and national school triathlon